Happy Customers!

We have been delighted to receive many reviews and messages of thanks from our customers, here are just a few!

“Your community outreach officer was very patient, polite and caring.  She gave information in a clear, easy to understand way.  She is an absolute treasure, a really lovely person who is a credit to Regenerage.”

“Chris from Regenerage started visiting us and he was good at telling us what was available and what we could do, so I got in touch with Charnley Fold….. and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I know where he is, he’s safe and this has changed our lives completely.”
“It’s unreal, everyone is friendly with you, everyone gets on with each other and the staff are excellent!”
“How do you know if you’re just being forgetful or if it’s something worse like memory loss or dementia?  I asked myself that question so many times before looking for help.  Regenerage were superb and visited my home on several occasions.  There is help out there and Regenerage got me on the right path.”

“My social worker referred me to Regenerage and thank goodness he did!  I was in a muddle and they got me straight.  My husband now goes to Withy Trees Day Centre and its the best decision.  I miss him but I know he’s safe and looked after.”