Our commitment to deliver compassionate, high-quality care
remains unchanged.

Our new Regenerage name symbolises an exciting period of growth and renewal for us, as we continue to uphold our core values. Curious to learn more about
Regenerage and what this change means? Keep reading to find out more about our transformation.

Our Mission

Regenerage has dedicated over 40 years to supporting the elderly in Lancashire, offering a range of services from home visits to specialised dementia care. Recognised as an award-winning independent charity, it has significantly contributed to enhancing the lives of older adults, their families, and caregivers.

Over the previous decade Regenerage has expanded its reach allowing for greater flexibility and the pursuit of new opportunities to better support older people. This newest evolution reflects Regenerage’s dedication to innovation and ongoing efforts to enhance elderly care in the UK and our vision to help older people thrive, living vibrant & fulfilled lives.

While we’re looking forward to supporting more older people across a wider geographical area, the heart of our charity remains unchanged and our passion for enhancing the lives of individuals is as strong as ever.

Whether it’s providing essential services to individuals with dementia or fostering social connections through engaging activities, our mission remains steadfast. Our goal is to continue enabling elderly people to live well. Despite our growth, our focus remains on supporting healthy and fulfilling aging within our community, ensuring that our fundamental values endure throughout this exciting transformative process.

“We are proud to have supported local people for 43 years and under the
new, regenerated brand, we look forward to growing as Regenerage, and
our opportunity to give even more people the best possible care and
support, so that everyone can live life to its fullest.”

Suzanne Carr, CEO of Regenerage

Our Services

We aim to enable everyone to live well later in life, reduce loneliness and isolation, stay active and provide services designed to promote positive and
healthy ageing.

Health Services

Hearing Health, Dementia Care

Activities Centres and Support 

Get Active Opportunities, Skills Workshops, Arts & Crafts, Community & Social Events, Carers Support Group.

At Home Services

Stannah Stair Lifts, Free Furniture Collection, Nail Cutting Service

Financial Planning and Support Services

Will Writing Service, Lasting Power of Attorney, Equity Release, Retirement Journey and Care Fees Planning, Inheritance Tax & Family Estate Planning


Our network charity retail stores play a vital role in connecting with local communities. With our newest retail superstore Middlebrook Retail Park in Bolton we are committed to quality retail experiences, serving our community and supporting older individuals in Lancashire.

We have a wide-spread presence

  • What is the purpose of the rebrand?

    By rebranding to Regenerage, we are able to extend our reach to help older people right across the country, without the limits of regional boarders. We are retaining the core values of providing quality, compassionate care and our new branding reflects a new, exciting chapter for us.

  • How will this impact Regenerage services?

    The rebrand offers us a chance to innovate and expand, while maintaining the core values of our organisation. Our commitment to providing crucial services to support local community remains unchanged and there will be no changes to our services and activity centres (other than the logo!). We are determined to uphold our mission of helping the elderly live well, focusing on enabling healthy and fulfilling aging. As Regenerage grows, we ensure that our fundamental values remain intact, guiding us through this exciting phase of expansion and innovation.

  • What can I do to support Regenerage?

    Service & Support Users:
    As valued members of the Regenerage community, your active participation is crucial. By continuing to engage with our services, spreading the word about the positive impact of Regenerage, and providing us with feedback, you help us refine and enhance our offerings. Your insights and experiences are vital in shaping the future of Regenerage, ensuring that we grow and improve in ways that matter most to you. Your voice helps us create a better experience for everyone involved.

    Families & Carers:
    Your trust in us to care for your loved ones is something we deeply appreciate. We encourage you to help us extend our reach by sharing your positive experiences with others. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and your recommendations can introduce more families to the support and care we provide. Moreover, your feedback is invaluable; it helps us improve our services and care for your loved ones better. Together, we can continue to build a supportive community that thrives on mutual trust and communication.

    Healthcare Workers:
    Your referrals can be a lifeline for many seeking support. By suggesting Regenerage to your patients, you connect them with resources and services that can significantly enhance their quality of life. Distributing our brochures in your clinics increases visibility and awareness, helping us reach those who can benefit most from our services.

    Local Authorities, Businesses & Partners:
    Your partnership is essential in our mission to support the elderly across broader regions. By providing funding and donations, you enable us to expand our services and impact more lives positively. Promoting Regenerage within your networks helps increase awareness and support for our cause. Together, we can create a stronger, more interconnected community, offering vital services to support the aging population.

    Potential Funders:
    If you’re considering supporting Regenerage, we welcome any inquiries and interest in our mission. Getting to know our brand and the values we stand for is the first step towards a meaningful partnership. Whether through donations or investments, your support can make a significant difference in the lives of many. We’re here to answer any questions and provide information on how your contributions can directly impact our services and the communities we serve.

    Shop Customers:
    Your support is not just a purchase; it’s a contribution to a greater cause. By buying from Regenerage shops, donating items, and spreading the word about our mission, you play a crucial role in sustaining our efforts. Every item sold or donated helps us fund and expand our services, directly benefiting those in need. Sharing your positive experiences and the impact of Regenerage can inspire others to contribute, creating a ripple-effect of support and awareness.

    As volunteers your commitment and enthusiasm are indispensable. We want to thank everyone who donates their time and skills to help support our organisation. We encourage you to take the time to learn about the rebrand and join us on our exciting journey of Regenerage. Your role in this journey is crucial, and together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of the elderly in our community.

  • What's the inspiration behind the name?

    After careful research and consultation, we decided on the name “Regenerage” for our organisation. The inclusion of ‘age’ in the name signifies our commitment to benefiting people of all ages, while also emphasising our focus on supporting older individuals.

    Without a specific location in our name, we aim to reach a wider audience of elderly individuals across our region. The play on “Regenerate” reflects our respect for our 43-year history and commitment to evolving and adapting to new opportunities.

  • How does the rebranding reflect the brand's heritage or history?

    Regenerage profoundly echoes the brand’s rich heritage and commitment to improving the lives of the elderly in the UK. Our core values and mission stay the same – the rebrand solely allows our charity to reach and assist more individuals in need. Regenerage underscores the respect for our heritage, while allowing us to adapt and respond to the evolving needs of the local communities.

  • How will the change impact the charity financially?

    All businesses must invest to thrive and to grow and charities must do the same. The costs of the rebranding are an investment in our longer-term future.

    This change is being made to enable the charity to maximise income generation potential from the local communities that we serve and support, including through our charity retail trading, services development and delivery and broadening our reach to donors and corporate sponsors.

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