Support us with a Big Gift

We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of our donors, whose help provides vital life support for many of society’s most vulnerable adults.

By 2025 there will be an estimated 21,472 people living with dementia in Lancashire and even now there are 35,000 chronically lonely and isolated older people living across the county.

With a major gift donation, you could dramatically improve the quality of life for many older people by helping to sustain services that combat dementia, loneliness and isolation and other long term health conditions.

Philanthropists who are able to support Regenerage with a donation of £5,000 or more have the power to make a major impact on the lives of older people across Lancashire.

Older woman partaking in a yoga class.

Choose Where Your Money Goes
If you’d like to make a significant donation to assist Regenerage in helping people to live well and age well, we’d love to chat.

Our approach to donors is personalised to their individual needs and preferences and we will work with you to agree the level and type of contact that you’re most comfortable with.

Have Your Say
We will ensure that your investment reaches the areas of our charity that you’re most passionate about.

Please contact us to discuss further, email Ann Beetham –

Regular Updates
We will provide regular updates on how your donation is being used and the return on your investment in addition to general news about Regenerage delivered in person, by phone, email or in writing

See for yourself
As a valued donor you’ll have the opportunity to witness first-hand how your money is being used. You can visit an Regenerage project, service or facility where your generosity is making a difference.