In a society where growing old is feared and misunderstood, 2 million people aged over 75 live alone in the UK. Discover the inspiring true story of one of them.

Meet Jack Kadlec, an 87-year-old OAP from Czechoslovakia living in Richmond, London since 1957.
His wife Celia passed away in 1987 and he has been living alone in the flat ever since. He has no family and few friends and his mobility is extremely limited.
This intimate and personal film was shot over two days as he reveals his life story told in his own words.
It is a precious time capsule of a man in the twilight of his years, who despite his decades of loneliness, still manages to maintain a real passion for living as he recalls his many memories while coming to terms with his own solitude and morality.
Jack in the box is a moving thought-provoking film that is more timely now post the recent pandemic and subsequent lockdowns that affected older people more than most.

Lest we forget those millions of old people who have so much to give and should not be forgotten.
The film is the second documentary feature from Producer and Director Darren Cavanagh (The Very Creativegan).
His first was the Award Winning film Ex-Dominatrix A True Story (2017) released by Journeyman Pictures.
The Film is in post-production with the musical score becoming composed by musician Noko from Apollo 440 and is due for release in 2023. A distributor is still TBC.


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