Foot Care/Nail Cutting Service 

Please note that names have been changed.

Introduction/ Background:

Aamina was introduced to the footcare service by a family member. She lives at home and is supported by a daily carer Aamina has recently been relocated to a downstairs room due to poor mobility and respiratory issues. English is not Aamina’s first language.

Nature of support/Tasks:

During the initial assessment appointment the Podiatrist noted that Aamina’s toes were tender because her toenails had been badly cut by family and were too short. A conversation with her via her carer revealed that another family member had cut her toenails and information was provided that doing so could cause problems such as painful ingrowing toenails which could require further interventions. Advice was provided to let the nails grow and an appointment was set for 6 weeks time.


Aamina has now been receiving the footcare service for twelve months. Appointments are made via her family and a carer is present when we visit who helps with translation. We also use flash cards to help around translation and a translator app. A note in the clipper pack advises family when the next appointment is scheduled and that only the Age Concern Foot Care Officer is to use the nippers.

As translated by Aamina’s carer;
“Thank you my feet feel much better, my pain has gone away. I tell my family to wait now and let the foot lady come in to do my nails”.

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