Dementia Community Links


Judy was introduced to me through a Dementia Community Links (DCL) Referral, She has a dementia diagnosis and herself and her family feel it is important to keep up with activities and keep busy, Judy just lacked confidence to walk into somewhere new with new people.

Nature of support/tasks

Following my visits with Judy her confidence began to grow and Judy was keen to get out to an activity were in the local area.


We then attended a local group, the first visit Judy needed some reassurance from myself but by the 3rd visit I was able to sit at distance and Judy interacted independently with others members of the group.

On my last visit Judy arranged her own transport and met me there then independently arranged her own transport home.


“ Laura gave me the confidence to walk into somewhere new and talk to new people, and she also found out that going forward I could volunteer if I want to which is something I was also looking for. I am very grateful for the support”.

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