Lostock Hall Activity Centre

Sheila was a dancer 20 years ago but due to mental health issues she stopped being able to attend the classes as became a recluse. She then started with physical health issues and required a scooter to help with her mobility.

Sheila needed to get out of the house but she was afraid of going out somewhere new on her own. She felt she needed somewhere that would be understanding of her lack of mobility and where they would be warm and welcoming. She visited some clubs closer to home but they were not accommodating and made feel worse about herself.

Sheila struggled to get out of bed due to both her mental and physical health before coming to Lostock Hall Activity Centre. Sherry still does have days that she can feel lonely and depressed especially looking after her retired husband too but she knows that on a Thursday, it is her day of line dancing and looks forward to it each week. Her mobility is so much better and hardly uses her scooter now as she finds the exercise she does during line dancing, at her own pace, has dramatically helped her.

What Sheila has to say

“Everyone is so friendly and there is no push to dance or get it correct as it is just fun. Most places are too formal and not welcoming but here, even if you want to just watch and have a coffee then that’s fine. It is definitely worth the travel to get here”.

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