Foot Care/Nail Cutting Service 

Please note that names have been changed.

Introduction/ Background:

Anthony now lives home alone after his wife passed away in May from Cancer. He retired from the Parachute Regiment and by all accounts enjoyed his time with them. Anthony has poor mobility due to arthritis and has been prone to falls, referred by the physio to the Foot Care service. Anthony has a great sense of humour and has many tales of life that he loves to share which are great to listen to. He really enjoys the chats and always welcomes me with a happy smile.

It was obviously a difficult few weeks through May and June as his wife was diagnosed and passed away quite quickly. He talks about this and I am able to discuss the situation with him due to my own life experience. He does have family support who help him with shopping.

Nature of support/Tasks:

The service offers a regular 6- 8 week cut for Anthony. He is always ready for a good chat and I get the impression he enjoys the time we spend together. Anthony recently fell and fractured his right ankle. It is out of the cast now but still pains him. He managed to rest his foot on a cushion for me to cut his toenails. I will continue to support him with this and monitor his wellbeing.


Anthony continues to be monitored at each visit and have discussed further help when required. Information leaflets have been given to Anthony promoting other services and support.


“I really enjoy my chats with Caroline whilst she cuts my nails. She helps me to keep my wife Carol’s memory alive. I struggle to get out and about these days and appreciate the service coming to me at home”.

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