Withy Trees Activity Day Centre

Before Babs started at Withy Tree’s Activity Day Centre she was spending her days alone in her house, she was lonely.

Babs started attending Withy Trees Activity Day Centre one day a week, but the next week she started attending three days a week as she loves spending time with people, and enjoys the activities.

What Barb has to say…

“Withy Trees has changed my life. It has helped with my loneliness, it’s helped me widen my mind with so many people here to speak to, it’s a nice clean place to come to and the food is a good variety.

I lost my memory and it is improving and helping me understand things better, the activities are keeping me engaged , I’m learning new things that I’ve never done before.

I like being given a newspaper when I come in a morning, it keeps me in touch with the world.

I try and help others when they are new in the centre make them feel welcome and get to know them.”

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