As the holiday season is upon us, we at Regenerage are overwhelmed with gratitude for the warmth and generosity that has been showed by our community. This year, our Christmas was made brighter and more meaningful thanks to the incredible Christmas hampers we received from the students and staff of Balshaw’s High School and the Commercial UK Capability Team at BAE Systems, Warton.

Balshaw’s High School: A Tradition of Giving

The spirit of giving at Balshaw’s High School is a cherished tradition that has been alive since before 2001. The initiative was originally spearheaded by Physics teacher Mr. Davies and after his retirement in 2007, continued by dedicated staff members like Carolyne Warburton. The commitment of the students, parents, and teachers is truly heart-warming.

The students were incredible with one explaining the Christmas Hamper donations “showcase the school’s values of kindness and love”. The effort is not just about the physical act of giving; with another student adding “It’s important that Balshaw’s is seen as part of the local community and that we give something back.”

We were particularly moved by these sentiments expressed by the students when asked about the significance of this annual activity. From fostering a sense of community to spreading joy and happiness, their reasons highlight the immense depth of empathy and community spirit instilled in such young minds. As one student aptly put it, “Most of us get lots of presents and food at Christmas. It’s nice to give something back.”

Special thanks go to Mr. Steven Haycocks, the Head Teacher of Balshaw’s High School, for instilling values that go beyond the classroom and for once again contributing to Regenerage’s support for older adults in our community.

BAE Systems: Corporate Kindness

In addition to the heartfelt contributions from Balshaw’s High School, we are immensely grateful to the Commercial UK Capability Team at BAE Systems, Warton. Their commitment to making a positive impact in the community is evident in the Christmas hampers they generously provided. The support from such a reputable organisation goes a long way in reinforcing the idea that businesses really can be a force for good which of course is more important than ever in the festive season.

The hampers donated by BAE Systems, combined with those from Balshaw’s School, have been distributed to 100 lonely, isolated and vulnerable older people in our community. The significance of these hampers cannot be overstated, especially during this time of year when loneliness can be particularly prevalent for older adults. The sheer joy and gratitude expressed by those who received the hampers underline the impact that these thoughtful gestures have on brightening their holiday season.

Once again, we’d like to thank Balshaw’s High School and BAE Systems for their unwavering generosity, kindness, and commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others. Together, no matter how big or small your contribution or gesture, we can make sure no one feels alone during the festive season.

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